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15W LED Garden Spot Light For Landscape Lighting

High power, high brightness 5x1W /5x3W/5x3W RGB3in1/5x4W RGBW 4in1 LED;

IP65 waterproof, dust-proof, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion;

Housing: Aluminum anodized finshing or powder painting;

Housing color option: Aluminum anodized, Silver painting 9005, Matt black 9006, Support RGB and RGBW color type;

Optional accessories: aluminum anti-glare hood and honecomb;

Tiny package and lighter, lower freight cost, more competitive in the market.

Product Information

IP65 Outdoor High Power LED Garden Spot Light with Mounting base, Outdoor Landscape Light, Outdoor Garden LED Lighting, Strong Waterproof LED Landscape Light

Main Specification

Housing: 12# Die-casting outdoor powder coated aluminum T=60-80µm

Glass: Tempered glass T=4mm

Lens: Optical lens, efficiency≥85%

Cable gland: IP-68 PG-9 copper and nickel coated

Gasket: Molding shaped silicone double seal


PCB: Excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of Heat Conductivity≥2.0w/mk

Driver: Constant current output

             Single color LED=1-circuit output

             RGB 3in1 LED=3-circuit output

             RGBW 4in1 LED=4-circuit output

Operating Temperature: -20℃~40℃

LED Colour Temperature: 2700K·3000k / 4000K·6000k

Power cable: H05RN-F2x0.75mm², L=1m (low voltage)

                      H05RN-F3x0.75mm², L=1m (high voltage)

                      H05RN-F4x0.75mm², L=1m (for RGB)

                      H05RN-F5x0.75mm², L=1m (for RGBW)

Spike: PVC

Mounting base: Powder coated die-casting aluminum

Products Model 

Item No.Light sourceLens beam angle(°)Consumption(watt)Input Voltage(V)Ik rate
83551/83551B5x1W8°/15°/20°/30° /45°/60°5.3DC24V05
83551H/83551BH5x1W8°/15°/20°/30° /45°/60°6.1AC120V/AC240V05
83552/83552B5x3W8°/15°/20°/30° /45°/60°10.4DC24V05
83552H/83552BH5x3W8°/15°/20°/30° /45°/60°12.5AC120V/AC240V05
83556/83556B5x3WRGB3in130° /45°/60°15.1DC24V05
83559/83559B5x4WRGBW 4in130° /45°/60°20DC24V05

Products Dimension(mm)

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

Product Pictures

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

Optional Accessories

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

Product View

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

Product Application

Landscape illumination,Building lighting,Semi-indoor projecting illumination and other outdoor lighting.

15W LED Garden Spot Light Mounting Base

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