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Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

DC12V/24V working voltage, conforms to the safety electricity standard for underwater lights.

The lamp body is made of stainless steel 304# or 316#, excellent corrosion resistance.

The structural waterproof grade is IP68, size of each component is precisely created, with matched waterproof silicone ring to achieve real waterproof.

PMMA Lens, also known as Acrylic or Plexiglas optical lens, light efficiency ≥ 85%.

Product Information

This is a tiny type LED recessed underwater light. It is widely used in swimming pools, hotel fish ponds, landscape pools. Precision-made structural waterproof makes it suitable for long-term underwater work.

Main Specifications

Front Cover & Housing: Molding shaped 304# or 316# stainless steel

LED Source: 1*1W/2W/3W RGB3in1

Lens: Optical lens, efficiency ≥85%

Glass: Tempered glass T=6mm

Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 copper and nickel coated

Light Color: Single color / RGB

Working temperature: -20℃ to 40℃

Driver: Constant current output

           Single color LED=1-circuit output

           RGB 3in1 LED=3-circuit output

MCPCB: Aluminum, coefficient of heat conductivity≥2.0w/mk

Power cable: H05RN-F 2x0.75mm2 L=1m (for single color)

                      H05RN-F 4x0.75mm2 L=1m (for RGB)        

Mounting sleeve: Plastic

Product Models

Item No.Lighting SourceLens Beam Angle (°)Consumption(Watt)Input Voltage(V)IK Rate
90011A1x1W8°/15°/20°/30°/45°/60°/90°1.1DC12V/DC24V 06
90016A1x3W RGB3in18°/15°/20°/30°/45°/60°/90°3.2DC12V/DC24V06

Product Dimension

Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

Product Image

Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

Wiring Diagram

Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

Product Application

Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

Small Type LED Underwater Recessed Light

*Fish pond lighting

*Pool lighting in hotels

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