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Best Outdoor lighting Ideas

Sep. 23, 2020

Too many outdoor lamp types can make you choose one easily. Among the many different types, it is easy to find the one that suits your needs. Now, we will focus on multiple types of outdoor lights to help you get the same effect.

1. Floodlights

When you want to illuminate a larger area, floodlights are ideal. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose the floodlight according to the decoration. Many of them also include motion sensors, which means they will only illuminate the area when there is activity. Motion sensing function will help you save electricity bills.

If you often party in the backyard or lawn, you must use floodlights. The entire area can be illuminated at the touch of a button. Floodlights have many uses in outdoor lighting.

2. Landscaping lights

Landscape lights are lights that can help you enhance the outdoor beauty of the house. These lights usually illuminate features around the house, such as lawns, trees and other natural landscapes. Some landscape lights include:

  • Downlights are often used to illuminate larger objects, such as trees.

  • Downlights are also called moonlights. These are placed high and aimed downward. They make the subject appear wider.

  • The shadow light will try to create a large shadow on the object in focus. These lights should be placed so that the object falls between the light and the shadow casting surface.

Therefore, when you are looking for outdoor lights, landscape light is your choice not to be ignored.

3. Security lights

The safety lights are designed to illuminate designated places in your premises. These also include motion sensor lights, which illuminate the area when people are around. Most safety lights are installed on the wall. Some examples include:

  • Flush mounted scones

  • Semi-flush mount scones

  • Wall lanterns

  • Bulkhead lights

The goal of these lights is to be efficient so that they can illuminate large areas. If you are looking for outdoor lights specifically for safety purposes, you can consider these options.

4. Spotlights

The purpose of spotlights is the opposite of that of floodlights. Spotlights can only illuminate a limited area. However, the lighting level is higher. The lighting area can be a door, entrance or staircase. You can even use spotlights to highlight the landscaping features of the garden. If you only have one entry point and one exit point, you can also use a spotlight to illuminate that. Therefore, when you need to focus on a precise area, the spotlight can achieve that function.

5. Deck lights

Deck lights are suitable for illuminating the deck and the stairs around the deck. You can easily use the deck after sunset because of the high level of lighting. These lights are very compact and are usually incorporated into pillars around stairs or decks. This is why you don't need to choose any complicated installation devices for this.

6. Solar lights

There are many variations of solar lights. The USP of these lamps is that they are easy to install. You need to connect them with solar panels. In most cases, solar panels can be pole-mounted. This means it will not take up a lot of space outdoors. Because of the different shapes these days, you can easily choose the one that matches your house decoration.

7. Driveway & Path Lights

Lane and road lights are also called navigation lights. Driveway lights are responsible for illuminating the road from the street or sidewalk to the garage. You can easily install the motion sensor lane lights to make it easier to illuminate the area. You can integrate them with garage doors to make it easier to get proper lighting.

On the other hand, the path light is small in size and close to the ground. These lights are designed to help you move around the premises. You can install them beside the passage around the house. It will help you cover the entire house. Therefore, with the help of these navigation lights, the exterior area of the house can be easily illuminated.

8. Backyard lights

The sole purpose of the backyard lights is to make the backyard more practical after sunset. These come in various shapes and sizes. You need to hang some lights on the wall of the house. You can install some other poles independently. Much depends on the decoration of your home. If there is a swimming pool in the yard, you can integrate the backyard lights with the pool lights. When you are looking for backyard lights, you can also use mood lighting options. Now it's time to start using the backyard after sunset, not just getting inside. 

These are the eight most common but highly efficient outdoor lights. 

Therefore, when it comes to outdoor lighting, they are not only suitable for a variety of applications, but there are quite a few types. You must check the purpose of the outdoor light you want to buy. After completing this operation, you can directly select the appropriate outdoor light and illuminate the entire area around the entire house.

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