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Choose LED Luminaries from Nine Respect

Jun. 15, 2020

As the market that be fooled and goes up, as consumer, choose LED to still want sober, analyse scientificly, choose sexual price to compare best luminaries and lamps and lanterns, the basic function of a few kinds of LED introduces below:

1. The brightness of brightness LED is different, the price is different. The LED that is used at LED lamps and lanterns should accord with thunder to shoot grade Ⅰ kind standard.
2. Fight electrostatic ability to fight the LED with electrostatic strong capability, life is long, the price is consequently high. Fight normally electrostatic the LED ability that is more than 700V is used at LED lamp to act the role of.

3. The LED with wavelengh consistent wavelengh, color is consistent, if ask color is consistent, criterion the price is high. The manufacturing business of appearance of prismatic without LED color separation produces the product with pure colour very hard.

4. The illuminant that residual current LED is one-way electric conduction, if have retrorse electricity, call leakage of electricity, the LED with big residual current, life is brief, the price is low.
5. The LED with glow angle different utility its glow point of view is different. Special glow angle, the price is higher. If overflow angle of fire completely, the price is higher.
6. Life is different the key of character is life, life declines by light decision. Light declines small, life is long, life is long, the price is high.
7. The illuminant of chip LED is chip, different chip, price difference is very big. The chip of Japan, United States is more expensive, general Taiwan and homebred chip price under day, beauty.
8. The size of chip size chip grows with the edge express, the character of big chip LED compares small chip be close friends. The price becomes direct ratio with chip size.

9. The colloid of the LED with common colloid is epoxy resin commonly, add have the LED price that fights ultraviolet ray and fire prevention agent more expensive, lamp act the role ofing should fight high quality outdoors LED ultraviolet ray and fire prevention. Product of avery kind of can have different design, different design applies to different utility, the dependability that LED lamp acts the role of designs a respect to include: Electric safety, fire prevention safety, applicable environment safety, rigid security, healthy safety, safety uses the ingredient such as time. From electric safety angle looks, should accord with level of relevant international, state.

Because LED is new product, GB lag, but the country offers product qualification to check. Have international safety attestation (wait like GS, CE, UL) the LED light that reachs certificate of approval of national product quality acts the role of the price to want tall, because these products are on safety design,be reliable. What consumer notices is the true bogus that should differentiate certificate seriously, the manufacturer that there are international safety attestation and national product certificate of approval now is not much.


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