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LED Lighting Makeover Beautifies Hotel Gardens

Sep. 10, 2020

A new LED lighting installation is helping to highlight the lush and beautiful foliage in the 5-star luxury hotel gardens.

The high output recessed lights are used to create a series of washes along the pathway, accentuating the shape of the landscaping, the density and diversity of the foliage and the multi-dimensionality of the garden design.

The LED lights highlight selected elements like sculptures or ornamental bushes and trees, making them pop out in a series of little surprises.

The water features – there are two, one each side at the start of the pathway - which were previously in total darkness – are now energised with colour and movement with the help of powerful Submersibles. These skim the surface of the water with light, and units are also fixed in place directly below the fountains and focussed upwards, changing the look and feel of the dancing water jets.

The lamps are at ground level on the bridge, cross lighting and texturing the cobbled floor. They are programmed to chase across that bridge and shoot up into the palm trees at the end, an energising kinetic effect which adds excitement and ramps up the vibe, adding a sense of anticipation and playfulness.

Those lighting fixtures for their quality colour mixing and robust engineering and also based on the success of other projects, where luminaires often have to deal with environmental elements like extreme heat and dust as well as tropical rain and winds.

The warranty assurance was another factor, a fixture and a lightsource that’s going to last is essential for a project like this.

The lighting installation is controlled via a Visual Productions system, comprising a number of DIN Rail multi-protocol boxes dotted around which power all the fixtures along the pathway installation, creating a DMX network. Security beams are used to trigger the boxes so as people walk along the pathway, different lighting sequences are played out.

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