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LED Outdoor Spot Lighting

Sep. 11, 2020

Spotlights, also known as "up-lighting" or simply landscape lighting, are standard voltage landscape lighting used to illuminate narrow, medium-to-high-intensity beams upwards, usually used to display plants or decorative features. You could install them at or above ground level below tall trees or a lawn ornament to make them look more statuesque.


To illuminate tall objects (such as trees), choose bullet-shaped lights on the base that drives into the ground with stakes. The bullet lamps have an adjustable head that sits above the ground and projects bright light over a longer distance at an angle of your choice. For shorter functions (such as shrubs), try well lights, round lights that buried into the ground to project light upwards over shorter distances. Because they are hidden under the ground, they let small garden features take center stage.

Pick for Spot Lights

Use IP65 LED spotlights to project warm white light in the landscaping surrounding the patio or front lawn (available on These spotlights are sold separately, thanks to a user-friendly installation process that can be connected to a 12-volt low-voltage lighting system within minutes. Moreover, it is a set-and-forget addition to your yard: because the LED bulbs are fully integrated with the lamps, they are both efficient and maintenance-free.

LED Outdoor Spot LightingLED Outdoor Spot Lighting

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