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How Outdoor Lighting Can Make Your Garden an Inviting Living Space

Jun. 16, 2020

Properly designed and installed, outdoor lighting can extend your home’s outdoor living space and enhance it aesthetically, while avoiding the glare you get with poorly positioned lighting.

You want lighting to reveal the beauty of your home, to make it an oasis of light in the dark of night. It should dramatize trees and foliage, wash walls and fence lines with soft illumination and spotlight spaces, such as seating areas and tables, so they can be more easily used.

How an outdoor lighting scheme is designed and installed depends on what it is intended to do. Here are some suggestions:

Garden spot/ spike lighting: Whether it’s illuminating an outdoor seating area or lighting up the barbecue grill so you can cook outdoors, spot lighting can create an oasis of light in the dark of night. When lit from below, trees, trellises and architectural details can also take on a dramatic effect. 


Ingroud/Up lighting: It can enhance safety by lighting pathways and steps and boost security by adding light to vulnerable areas of the home. 


Here are some other things to know about outdoor lighting:

LED lights are now the industry standard, almost completely replacing old-style mercury vapor and halogen lighting. LED lights are rated to last about 50,000 hours, or 13 years if turned on from dusk to dawn.

They’re also much more energy efficient. An LED bulb can produce as much light as a 100-watt incandescent or halogen bulb while using only 15- to 20-watts of electricity.

Like all artificial lighting, LED lights come in different color temperatures, and most experts recommend a color temperature of 2,400 to 3,000 K to achieve the warm glow of a traditional incandescent bulb.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Make Your Garden an Inviting Living Space

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