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Precautions for the Installation of Inground Lights

Apr. 27, 2022

We recently receive feedback from a customer in Southeast Asian that it hasn't been long since the underground light was damaged from water ingress, some LEDs did not light up. From the photos, we found that the wiring was not correctly waterproof (only waterproof tape was used). The waterproof level does not meet the installation requirements at all, and the accumulated water in the canister cannot be discharged in time. Obviously, the drainage measures before installation have not been done well.

Some customers have omitted very critical steps in order to save installation costs, so that no matter how good the quality of the light is, it will not reach the normal service life.

The following are some precautions for the installation of underground lights:

1. First of all, we suggest to hire a professional electrician to install the outdoor lights if you are not very experienced.

2. Please know that the inground lights are rated IP67 and are not designed to be immersed in depths of water greater than 1m and over a prolonged period of time. 

3. Please pay much attention to the secure fit and proper drainage.

4. Please make sure that the light fitting is level with the ground. If it is low, water will accumulate on the top of the inground light.

5. Please note that the waterproof level of the wiring should reach the waterproof level of the lights or above.

Precautions for the Installation of Inground LightsPrecautions for the Installation of Inground Lights

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