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Should You Pay More for LEDs?

Oct. 15, 2020

Since there is no filament broken or burned out, the LED can last for 40,000 hours, and the normal use time is about 20 years, while the use time of the halogen bulb is only two years. LEDs are also very efficient, consuming 1 to 11 watts of power, while halogen lamps consume 20 to 60 watts of power.

This means that due to the use of smaller transformers and cables, installation costs are reduced, operating costs are reduced, and maintenance work is reduced. In 15 years, it can save up to 50% compared with halogen lamp systems.

However, LED has its disadvantages, mainly due to the high initial cost-about $40 per bulb, while similar halogen lamps cost about $5. In addition, the color temperature of the cool blue light emitted by many LEDs is about 6,000 K (Kelvin).

It is replaced by a warm color temperature of approximately 3,000 K. Don't forget to check the light output in lumens to make sure you get enough brightness. The performance of LEDs is improving, but still lags behind halogen lamps. The frustrating output is the biggest impact of all solar lamps that use LEDs. They may have enough luminosity to define the edge of the garden, but they cannot illuminate your house.

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