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Types of Outdoor House Lights

Oct. 14, 2020


There are various kinds of LED garden lighting available. It can also be used as a pathway marker. Unlike other lights, their styles and finishes are displayed. 


It emits soft scattered light and is ideal for brightening flat exterior walls, privacy fences and garden walls.


These versatile, compact luminaires are usually equipped with light bulbs that project a narrow beam and are ideal for accurately illuminating house features, tree trunks and garden structures.


The light bulb is hidden in a waterproof enclosure buried underground, so you don't need to look at the fixture to be able to glow. Use well lights to illuminate the underside of plant leaves or scrub the underside of facades or walls. Provide fixed bulb or rotating bulb.


These fixtures are usually located on tree trunks and branches, and can be aimed at lawns, paths or the leaves of the trees themselves to create a moonlight effect. There is a long front cover-shaped shield around the bulb to eliminate side glare. Choose a durable copper and brass housing with LEDs-you don't want to climb for repair or replacement.


It usually projects a beam that is wider than a bullet (40 degrees or higher) and is brighter than a wash light. The collar minimizes side glare. Use sparingly to illuminate tall trees or wide house facades.

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