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What should we notice when installing LED inground light

Sep. 14, 2020

The main construction quality problems of LED inground light are water penetration of lamps and intermediate junction box of lines. Therefore, when planning the construction plan of LED inground light, the power supply line should adopt the appropriate way of connection to minimize the intermediate joint. When the middle joint is unavoidable, it is necessary to find a way to set up a junction box in an appropriate position on the ground. When the light source is unpacked and assembled on the spot and connected, the sealing level of the light may be reduced due to the environment, improper operation and other reasons, leaving potential quality hazard. When necessary, it is critical to require the product to be equipped with a good light source and sufficient length of lamp holder line. Therefore, JP Lighting attach importance that a reasonable, comprehensive construction plan will improve the quality of the project.

1. Power supply must be cut off before installation of LED inground light. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and is the basis for safe operation.

2. Before the installation of LED inground light, the supporting parts of the lamp shall be arranged. LED inground lightis a special landscape LED light installedin the ground. Once it is installed, there are few parts and it is very troublesome to reinstall it. So it should be ready before installation.

3. Before the installation of LED inground light, a hole shall be dug according to the external size of the embedded part, and then the embedded part shall be fixed with concrete. Embedded parts play a role in isolating the main body of LED inground lightfrom the soil, which can ensure the service life of LED inground light.

4. Before the installation of LED inground light, a wiring device of IP67 or IP68 should be prepared to connect the external power input with the power line of the lamp body. In addition, the power cord of LED inground lightshould be waterproof and certified by VDE, so as to ensure the service life of LED inground light.

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